Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christ, where to begin!

Let's start with a Republican having a lucid moment. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) is calling on President Shrub to stop attacking critics of the Iraq disaster. Hagel even went as far as to say that members of Congress who fail to question the war could be responsible for another Vietnam.

The Republicans managed to avoid the first Vietnam, maybe they feel badly about it and want to involve themselves in a new one! As long as they don't have to actually fight, of course.

At least Congress get to enjoy a two week holiday vacation, after a late night session consisting of voting themselves a pay raise and a sham vote to pull out of Iraq. They really don't want to be the majority party anymore. After 10 years, maybe they are tired. Or maybe, just maybe, they know that they can get away with this partisan bullshit and still get elected.

I'm still wondering where we will go next. Syria? Iran? North Korea? If all of this was really about 9/11, Saudi Arabia would be a parking lot by now. But they are our friends, even after doing this on a regular basis.

Since we are never leaving Iraq or Afghanistan, can we fight a three-front war?


Blogger Tyler said...

What will happen is we will go to war with Iran because they pissed us off and then Pakistan will be pissed because they don't want us as a neighbor so they will go to war against us and then the rest of the Arab countries will realize that we might invade them too so they will go to war and we will lose. Very badly.

1:44 PM  
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